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Peekaboo X Pepper

Pepper has joined the Peekaboo family.

Find us here!

Peekaboo X Pepper - Pepper has joined the Peekaboo family. Find us here!

Across print design, website design & build and multimedia projects, we use our agency's creative imaginations to energise your company's marketing and generate real world results.


Design is the foundation of everything we do. We know how to create visual impact, backed up by a focused marketing strategy and a sound technical knowledge. In a competitive market, whether it’s aviation, education, leisure or electronics, our design work has given our clients the edge that only an extra pinch of creativity can provide.

We don’t like to stick to rigid boundaries in our creative work. Every concept is freshly generated to suit your needs and the demands of your audience, and because we provide so many of our services in-house, we can roll out your marketing across all the media you need. Off-the-shelf is off-the-table at Pepper, which leaves us free to explore more creative avenues, and achieve more targeted results.

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Design agency design services example Fowlers
Design agency design services example Avtrade


Because we take a bespoke approach to website design & build, our sites are as unique as the clients we work for. We’ve created websites in the tourism and leisure markets that balance fun and functionality, and produced e-commerce sites, booking systems, web applications and online software that showcase the full of extent of our tech savvy and business-focused approach. We deliver all of the services of a dedicated web agency, but with the creative support and marketing focus of a graphic design company.

Our responsive websites work perfectly across all digital formats, from mobile to desktop. Our website designs are a combination of great design and functionality, and with our CMS (Content Management System) you can have complete control over updating your online presence. Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service ensures that your website is seen by a global audience, and gives your site a competitive edge in the digital world, and our Social Media package will ensure that your brand is consistent across all platforms.

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Our motion portfolio covers the widest range of multimedia presentations, and what sets our agency apart is that we offer most of the services you need entirely in-house. Video projects can be time consuming and stressful, but as we can handle storyboarding, scriptwriting, video editing, 3D modelling and motion graphics all under one roof we can take care of the heavy lifting and ensure a consistent approach throughout the entire project. When the project’s complete, we’ll even deliver your presentation to the media that will best spread your message to the world.

Corporate presentations, 3D flyarounds, training videos and TV adverts have all been produced at Pepper HQ, and our multimedia work has been displayed at locations around the globe, from trade exhibitions in the USA and Asia, to corporate events in Europe and the Middle East. Sound and motion are the perfect combination for creating maximum marketing impact, and the medium gives us the opportunity to push ourselves in new directions, master new skills, and stimulate all of our creative senses.

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Design agency multimedia services example Avtrade
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