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Peekaboo X Pepper

Pepper has joined the Peekaboo family.

Find us here!

Peekaboo X Pepper - Pepper has joined the Peekaboo family. Find us here!

Godalming College Sixth Form 
Prospectus design 2021/2022

Pepper continued their creative relationship with Godalming College by producing a prospectus design and marketing for the 2021/22 student intake.

Pepper created a new ‘Forward Thinking’ concept, to reference a students course planning options, future employment opportunities and the outstanding learning facilities offered by the college. The concept was based around the development of a lightbulb icon that not only reflected the theme, but nicely referenced that fact that Godalming was the first town in England to be electrified. This icon could then be integrated with other icons to represent the types of thinking required for students to excel on different courses.

Godalming College asked that the new prospectus design was consistent with their current graphic approach and limited colour palette that Pepper had previously developed. To this existing visual mix we added a circular motif to reflect the lightbulb concept which framed images and text as well as featuring in new graphic pattern designs. Internal pages were printed on an uncoated stock, whilst the cover was sealed with a matt laminate to give a contrast in texture. The lightbulb design in Spot UV and a gold foil logo made the prospectus cover suggest a flavour of the high quality facilities and learning that Godalming College has to offer.

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