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Peekaboo X Pepper

Pepper has joined the Peekaboo family.

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Peekaboo X Pepper - Pepper has joined the Peekaboo family. Find us here!

Farnborough College  
Wall graphics and wayfinding system

Farnborough College commissioned Pepper Creative to design a suite of environmental graphics to coincide with the launch of their new Emerging Technologies Centre. The new designs reflect the cutting edge learning offered in the college’s upgraded facilities, and as well as providing visual impact they help to guide students and visitors easily to the Centre’s many themed learning areas.

Pepper created a set of abstract icons that have an infinite number of random combinations, yet adhere to a strict grid structure to retain a consistent vision across all areas of the college. This balance of order and abstraction allowed graphics to be applied across many different and challenging surfaces such as bifold doors, windows, uneven walls and around corners.

Two typefaces were sourced to reflect the cutting edge vision of the new learning spaces, and when combined with a vibrant colour palette provided a clear distinction between departments as well as a harmony throughout the whole Centre. The initial stage of wall graphics and wayfinding solutions was so successful that Farnborough College commissioned Pepper to expand the project throughout the college.

Projects for Farnborough College

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  • Promotional leaflet design
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  • Wall graphics and wayfinding
  • Illustration
  • Copywriting
  • Printing
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